Resonance Album Lyrics



I walk my days alone 
it gets old real fast 
but I know it won’t last 
cuz I have learned a few good things 
when no one shows, I sit down and play this 
song to rest the troubles in my head 
as time keeps rollin on and on 
on on on 

sometimes we pay too much and watch 
other people live the way that we wished we had 
happiness fades with each display 
of the colors we’ve grey’d 
why do I even try to stay here 
while you’re over there 
basking in the sunlight full of hope 

seeds grow into trees with leaves 
so as long as they get above ground 
and those who say that you can’t do what you love

are only gonna bring you down 
so show them that they’re wrong 

my back ain’t straight 
oh yeah there’s pain 
from the marching band 
drumsticks in my hand 
those were the good days 
we loved to play 
as the time rolls past 
I just hope that it lasts 
so I can go where I want 
and see what I need 
to live the life I wanna lead, yeah 


Light of Day


We need to find a better way than 
the one we use every day 
once hope is lost we’ll never save them 
so go find the ones you love 

Some days I lose track of why I’m living 
sometimes I straight lose my mind 
but those days I grow to know that it’s alright 
Alone in a box of dreams I’ve seeded 
no concept of time 
then you came and opened my 
eyes to see the light 

Alive and alert sometimes it hurts 
when others learn that you’ve had your turn 
and you know what’s right but you don’t think you have time 
We hide and divert our attention and then some 
we bury our heads in the information 
but what is the worth of the pictures that don’t reply 

Imagine the earth and the population 
we’d all the same with cooperation 
among different beliefs that our societies once defined 
Some live in the dirt others scrape the sky 
but when we’re alone we’re just wondering why 
we are where we are and why we got left behind 
left behind 


Let It Play


As we walked back home 
we were warned about the storm 
we trudged through the mud 
that was made by the flood 

we said let it rain 
let it rain 
let it rain 
let it rain 

I found rest upon the hill on the piano 
everything was moving but it felt mellow 
cuz I didn't know what the night had in store 

well the wind started blowing and the rain started pouring 
man I really thought this was gonna be boring 
cuz I didn't know what the night had in strore 

we said let it rain 
let it rain 

who's gonna tell my folks that I've left 
who's gonna tel my friends that I'm gone 
if you can hear me now be sure to tell them 
that I love them so and I'm sorry I had to go 

Is it really over 
am I still alive 
don't you feel lucky 
let's make music 

how do we play it 
it seems broken 
don't you worry man 
let it play you 

let it play you 

we survived the rain and the storm 
we made it out of the devil's door 
we survived the rain and the storm for now

Live Free


Come follow me through the trees 
walk with me where the leaves fall 
and we all feel the energy around everything 
Hear all the things that we say 
we believe that your stay here 
will break the fear that you battle everyday 

Love and art are tough to make when they’re apart 
from your heart and your head 

Stay here with me for the day 
you will see past the way the world 
tends to make you feel when you’re all alone 
Don’t bring anything that you think you’ll need 
nothing compares to the air you’ll breathe 
when your mind is finally released from society 


Step by step drop the propaganda and begin to live free 
Ad by ad we’ll get rid of, eliminate the material need 
Day by day you’ll forget everything that you learned from me
So come back anytime, you know where to find me waiting so patiently



Believe Me

Oh how I knew this day would come 
Leave this town I’ve hung my hat on and see where I belong 
I’ve worn out my welcome where I’ve been 
Pack my bags and follow the tracks until I find a place where I can do it all again 

Oh you wanna know what I have planned? 
Win or lose if you blow a fuse will you come back home again? 
Well I don’t have failure in my mind 
I’ve got plenty of time to make my life into more than just a really long work grind 

Please see the best side of everything I do 
Believe me when I say I do it all for you 
One day I’ll come back home and show you what I’ve made 
These things I dream about are not that far away 

There’s so much that is world has got to show 
I’ll be damned if I don’t make a move and break out my comfort zone 
They say when there’s a will then there’s a way 
Carpe diem no requiem for this man until I finally seize the day 

I don’t know where I’ll end up but where I’m at right now ain’t close enough 
to the land of opportunity sittin out there waitin for me 
and there’s plenty of things that I could do to make you say I’m proud of you 
but there’s only one act that I love and that’s using my gifts given from above 


Save Yourself


Yeah they’ve been watching and listening 
to every little thing that you say 
and they’ve been finding a way to 
justify the things you pay 
If you don’t like it then you can leave to find 
a new place like home 
or we can rise up high and bring down those who’ve wronged 

Save yourself
from this hell
we will find
in good time 
keep your eyes open wide 

You might think I’m goin crazy but listen 
it’s just what I’ve been seein lately around me 
You don’t have to believe me 
just keep on livin freely 
or so it seems 

We’ve been asleep for too long it’s time to rise 
We’ve been asleep for too long it’s time to rise 
And fight 

Who moves you to stay true to what you do? 

Well we’ve been fightin and fightin 
but we don’t have the size to make it work
We’ll never start a revolution 
if everybody’s waitin their turn. no 
Yeah we don’t like it and we won’t leave to find 
a new place like home 
We’re gonna rise up high and take back what we own 




the word we use 
describing sky and sea 
or you and me 
when we feel down and out 
or somewhere in between 
do we let time define our life 
and our state of mind 
everyday we’re awake 
it don’t seem right 

Separation of body and mind holds the key to conquer time 
We all wanna skip the pain but those who try just look insane, insane 
They say don’t dare go against the grain, the grain 
and stay in your lane 

I’m still trudging along my way to find the truth 
you knew when you said let there be light 
We’ve made something we can’t break without your name 
to save those hiding from your light need change 

When you look at life through those eyes do you see the constant lies 
the tv buries in your brain? It’s quietly driving us insane, insane 
We don’t exist to bring financial gain, okay 
It’s leading us astray 


Put It Up


Everybody’s going to the same kinda destination 
Get your money get your food doing what you gotta do 
to make it in this life on your early commute 
You know there’s something more important you you 
You’re behind the wheel of a deadly machine 
At any given moment you could swerve and careen 
into a family of five and I’m wondering why the hell you take the time to text your friends "LOL" 

So why do you believe that your news feed needs to see 
an on the road selfie 
I’m so tired of feeling danger 
You’re bringing out my anger 
Yeah I’m losing my mind cuz I’m feeling like I’m gonna die when I drive

Come on baby play this song tell em what they’re doing wrong 
Put it up, put it up, put your freaking phone up 
You’ll come to find that there’s a lot more to life 
than seeing what your friends are doing at any given time 
Yeah the open road’s got a lot to show 
It’ll teach you many things that you need to know 
like how to trust your reactions, getting good at passing 
and enjoying the ride even when you’re all alone 


What can I do? 
I gotta get through to the minds of modern youth 
Let’s make them see the way that I think driving should be 




You don't need to have a big band 
to succeed with your life plan 
Your music frees all the people 
and takes the lead away from evil 

This planet grieves from what we've done 
We don't gotta leave for another sun 
Let's talk to the trees and hear what they know 
and set us free from our ego 

Cuz we've banned our medicine and lowered our resonance 
so caught up with everything but the present tense 
I don't know where heaven is, let's look at the evidence 
It's what we make out of our residence 

What will we leave for our offspring? 
Will there be wars we're still fighting? 
Or will they learn all the secrets 
kept from us for years by the government? 
And if you're wondering what can we do 
to help this civilization see it through? 
Open up your mind to the idear 
that we're all brothers and sisters here 


Raise my frequency to yours 

And someday we will see 
Why don't we learn from history? 
Set your spirit free



This society has a plan for humanity 
keep you too busy to save the world 
or even know it's under control of the one percent 
who knows your rights but won't think twice 
to break them over and over 

Oh we gotta wake up wake up now 
Get off of your screens, they're a waste of your time 
Oh we gotta get out and fight the war that fabricates your life 
and damages your mind's eye 

Sitting all day trying to find a way 
to make your job go easier 
when you could be outside and free to feel alive 
There's something going wrong here 
don't be afraid to open your eyes 
and find what hides behind confides of lies inside your mind 


Watch the words you say, choose them carefully 
the universe will obey them 
See what you create, all you know is made 
from intentions and your statements 

Dare to disobey, wake up everyday 
and say out loud why you're grateful 
Now visualize a free will built society 
where everyone get's a say so



Green lies in these eyes 
they dream far and seem bright 
but when I set my gaze inside 
my old soul brings my faults to light 

If you don't know, don't act like you know 
If you don't care, don't act like you care 
If you don't see, try to break free from haste and grime 

If you think it's too late to apologize and make things right 
it's all a lie we tell ourselves to hide behind the fright 
of opening up and being vulnerable 
to the things they say, it could be horrible 
but when it comes to an end 
no longer must you defend your ego 

When you take hold of your reality 
you'll see that you and I are "we" 
and one in the same with different brains changed 
by what all we've seen 
and what we grieve 
so come on let's breathe 
and find what we believe 

When I wake my last day here, I might just 
when I leave those I've held dear 
I might just float on 

To a new place that I've never been 

We've come to find 
what's beyond our line of sight 
and a new kind of free 
one that lasts for eternity 

There's so much we do not know 
we're a soul that has a body not a body that has a soul 
but how do we know what's true? 
did we not learn to lie by the ones who tell us what to do? 

Well I can see a way out 




Kundalini travel through me fill my soul 
I am ready I am ready from the bottom wheel you will grow 
Kundalini travel through me fill my soul 
I am ready God energy fill my heart with gold 

We taught ourselves to make us seem awake 
we pour our hearts out to win this game we play 
We have so many paths to take 
Show the choice you’d make 
Breathe peace in me 

Where did you go? 
Where is my home now? 
What do I know about the way you move? 
Where did you go? 
Where is my home now? 
What do I know about the way you lead me through 

I try to find the sillage you’ve left behind 
An ever fading tune 
I try to find the sillage you’ve left behind 
Come and gone too soon 
I try to find the sillage you’ve left behind 
A scent hangs in the room 
I try to find the sillage you’ve left behind 
Come and gone too soon 

What’s your sophrosyne? 
Give me your sophrosyne 
Change my sophrosyne 
Engage my sophrosyne 

Contraction altercation money operations of lies 
hear the cries from victims of time 
Domination mass annihilation of lives 
without a will to fight 

Channel colors project them on the mothers who grieve 
They’ve seen their sons and daughters’ goodbye 
Under covers with others than their lovers that night 
Let them find 

Truth in you and shine a light on their 
face show them grace 
We’ll end the race against time 
we’ll find a life that’s pure divine it will be 
Like a dream 
Constant synergy 

Believe that we can make this right 
with love from above that brings us peace of mind 

So come on let’s fight for the good 
of the planet that we dwell 
You ask why we should 
It’s to keep from making hell become real