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Come Back Around

As spiritual beings in this holographic matrix we call reality, we must understand that the energy we embody send out always comes back around and creates the possibilities aligned with it. We've all heard that we can do anything if we set our mind to it, but the key is to raise our state to match the frequency of the thing we wish to achieve.

Black Snake

During the protests at Standing Rock in Cannonball, North Dakota, I was incredibly moved by the crimes against humanity taking place and the shear amount of resistance that was displayed by natives and non-natives alike. These events inspired me to write a song that embodies the issue and the shift in consciousness needed to resolve it. 

Aer - Songbird Cover

Media Coverage 

Local News Coverage

Arkansas' THV11 news station reached out to me in regards to my song "Put It Up" which aligned with their #RefuseToLose campaign against texting while driving. We did an interview about myself, the song, and its message and afterwards I performed it for them. They played the bit during the morning and evening news on 12/23/2016. 

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